~William Shakespeare



Helen Keli is 47 years old and was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Her interest in the arts started at an early age, into her high school years and thereafter.


The Genesis

Helen is and has always been passionate about acting. She started her journey under the mentorship of the late James Falkland at the Phoenix Players theatre. She begun in the chorus in the Christmas musicals, and progressed into playing leading roles in different plays from Shakespeare to Alan Ayckbourn and everything in between. Having done over 30 plays under his guidance, he helped hone her talent, skill and grow her love for the art.


Life on the screen

Upon the closing down of the Phoenix players theater, Helen took a break from acting, until she was cast again, and for TV this time. Some of the roles she has played have been in:

    Changes - MNET production
    Statehouse - Zuku production
    Selina - Maisha Magic East production
    Enough Of The Silence - A Nigerian Policy
    driven film to help eradicate Female
    Genital Mutilation and child marriages. The Second Family - A Showmax Production


Private Life

Helen was raised mostly by her mother; her father having passed away when she was 9 years old. She has three male siblings and comes from a very loving and close knit family. As a young girl she was a die hard tom boy, who climbed up trees and anything she felt she could conquer (and consequently broke her arm when she was 6 years old). Her spirit of adventure thrill seeking has taken her to many great heights around the world. She has a daughter, lives in Nairobi and is a self confessed foodie who loves to travel.